List of All FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winners

It is the FIFA World Cup, held every four years is always the most difficult tournament for every association footballer to reach more than double figures. When it comes to recognizing the best players, it is the Golden Boot award comes first. The player with the highest score and who has the most goals earns this highly coveted award. If two players are the top scorers, the tie-breaker is used to determine the player who spent the most time with goals with a higher average.

The player who scores the most points at the FIFA World Cup wins the Golden Boot. The second-highest scorer of every soccer World Cup wins the Silver Boot while the third-highest scorer is awarded the Bronze Boot. Argentina’s Guillermo Stabile, hence, is the first FIFA World Cup Golden Boot winner and top scorer in the 1930 FIFA World Cup in Uruguay.

FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winners
FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winners

FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winners

YearsPlayers (Country)Goals Scored
1930 Guillermo Stabile (Argentina)8
1934 Oldrich Nejedly (Czech Republic)5
1938 Leonidas (Brazil)7
1950 Ademir (Brazil)8
1954 Sandor Kocsis (Hungary)11
1958 Just Fontaine (France)13
1962 Florian Albert (Hungary)
Valentin Ivanov (Soviet Union)
Garrincha (Brazil)
Vava (Brazil)
Drazan Jerkovic (Yugoslavia)
Leonel Sanchez (Chile)
1966 Eusebio (Portugal)9
1970 Gerd Muller (Germany)10
1974 Grzegorz Lato (Poland)7
1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina)6
1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy)6
1986 Gary Lineker (England)6
1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)6
1994 Oleg Salenko (Russia)
Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria)
1998 Davor Suker (Croatia)6
2002Ronaldo (Brazil)8
2006 Miroslav Klose (Germany)5
2010 Thomas Muller (Germany)5
2014 James Rodríguez (Colombia)6
2018 Harry Kane (England)6

Germany and Brazil have made the Highest number of players that have won the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot award. Originally as Golden Shoe, the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot award was first presented in 1982 and was rebranded as the Golden Boot in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Players Who Make their Mark on Golden Boot Award

  • Eusébio (Portugal) – 9 Goals
    • Eusebio is widely regarded as one of the top footballers from Portugal. He scored some impressive and crucial goals during the tournament of the year 1966.
  • Gerd Müller (Germany) – 10 Goals
    • Gerd Muller is the most famous footballer from Germany who was always remembered in the spotlight for his exceptional performances throughout the course of his professional career. Muller scored 10 goals during the year 1970’s FIFA world cup.
  • Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (Brazil) – 8 Goals
    • Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima also known as Ronaldo is among the most successful soccer players around the world. His skills on the field were a terror to his opponents while he was in the field, making him one of the most formidable strikers of all time.
  • Gary Lineker (England) – 6
    • Gary Lineker was the first England footballer to win the highly coveted Golden Boot. In year 1986 the English forward scored six goals, and due to this, he was awarded this prize.
  • Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 5 Goals
    • Miroslav Klose is among the best German players to display his extraordinary skill and sportsmanship in his participation in the 2005 FIFA world cup.
  • Thomas Müller (Germany)– 5 Goals
    • The amazing performance of Thomas Muller makes him one of the most well-known German players. He remained consistent throughout World Cup 2014, which Germany took home
  • Harry Kane (England) – 6 Goals
    • Harry Kane won the prestigious Golden Boot award due to his remarkable performance with 6 goals during the 2018 FIFA world cup. He is now an extremely well-known English footballer.


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