FIFA World Cup 2022: Women fans banned from showing their body parts or wearing REVEALING clothing

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has arrived and fans can’t wait to see the first kickoff. Ecuador will take on Qatar as the hosts in a crucial clash that will set the stage for the tournament. The World Cup is getting a lot of attention despite the fact the hosts have been criticized for hosting it for several reasons. Qatar hosts the football World Cup, the largest tournament in the Middle East. It won’t be the first time Qatar hosts the event.

Fans are flocking to Qatar in large numbers. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will feature 32 countries, so it would not be surprising to see a lot of fans arrive in Doha.

reaviling cloths
reviling cloths

Fans from the USA, UK, and other countries have one problem: female fans. Female fans should avoid wearing too-revealing clothes. Qatari laws prohibit the wearing of revealing clothing. FIFA’s website states that fans can wear whatever clothes they like, but they must respect the country’s laws and cover all their body parts.

According to the World Cup website, “People can usually wear their clothes of choice.” When visiting museums or other government buildings, visitors are required to cover their shoulders. According to the Sun, Qatari women are prohibited from wearing tight clothing and showing off their cleavages when visiting public places like museums. The stadiums have special cameras that can detect fans who remove their shirts because of excessive heat.

Niyas Abulrahiman, chief technology officer, stated that “we have high-resolution cameras to zoom in and see the spectator from a specific seat.” It is being recorded so that we can assist in any post-event investigation.

Reports The Sun state that strict punishment is guaranteed for anyone who doesn’t adhere to the dress code. Some could even lead to jail time.

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